Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner, things can get pretty dirty in your home. Keeping carpets clean with pets running through your home might feel like a losing battle. There are a few changes that you can make in your home to help. Here are four tips to keep carpets clean if you have pets.

1. Understand that Not All Carpet Cleaners are the Same

If pets have accidents on your carpet, they shouldn't be cleaned up the same way you would clean up soda. Be sure to look for cleaners specifically designed for pet stains and accidents. If you have your carpets professionally cleaned, be sure to let cleaners know that you have pets so that they can use enzyme cleaners to remove pet stains and odor.

2. Designate a Pet Entrance

Pets running in directly from the outdoors with mud and grime on their paws and fur can be a death wish for your carpets. Designate a door for pets to enter that is over hardwood or linoleum. This will give you a chance to clean off your pets before they reach the carpets. Don't install your doggy door over the carpet in the living room; instead, opt for the door into the kitchen or laundry room with hardwood floors.

3. Keep Up on Vacuuming

Pet hair and dander can eventually lead to stains if they are left on your carpet for too long. Make sure to vacuum carpets weekly, and focus on heavily trafficked areas even more often. Fur and dander can get embedded in carpets, especially if they are walked over. Pull up as many loose particles as you can before they sink into your carpets.

4. Don't Let Stains or Accidents Sit

Pets are creatures of habit, and if a spot is a bathroom for one pet, others might decide this is a good idea as well. Clean up any pet accidents right away. If cats begin to mark the same spot, this is a new place for the cat box. Pets can further damage carpets by trying to 'bury' accidents, leading to damage to carpet fibers and embedding stains.

Pets and carpets can coexist. Keeping up on cleaning will help keep your home under control and will not let pets ruin your carpet. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will remove grime that has gotten deep in your carpet over time. If you can commit to routine upkeep as well intermittent professional cleaning by a company like Enviro-Steem, you will have a better chance of keeping your carpets fresh.