Dealing With Cigarette Odor In Your Rental Home

Keeping the carpeting in a home clean and smelling fresh can be a challenge when it comes to a rental home that hosts a number of new tenants over the years. If you're currently considering moving into a rental home or have recently moved in and noticed a foul odor from past tenants involving cigarette odors, it's up to you to take care of freshening up the carpeting. The following tips can all help contribute towards removing any odors from cigarettes and help you enjoy your new home.

Make Sure the Odor is Discussed Before Moving In

One of the most important things you'll need to do when considering moving into a rental home that has an existing odors is making sure your landlord is aware of them. The reason this is so important is due to the possibility that you could be charged upon moving out if there are any foul odors inside. Making sure that the smell is included in the initial walkthrough can ensure that you won't be held responsible for it later.

Request Professional Cleaning from Your Landlord

Your landlord should be responsible for getting the rental home ready and in the best shape possible -- including taking care of dirty carpeting that could be harboring bad odors. Luckily, you may be able to get your carpets in great shape simply by asking for the landlord to get professional cleaning done before you move in.

Thoroughly Clean the Entire Rental Home

Whether your landlord will take care of carpet cleaning or you've been left with the responsibility, it's important that you thoroughly clean the carpeting in every area of your home. While you may believe it's best to focus only on cleaning the carpeting that has the worst odors, you'll want to clean the carpeting throughout to ensure that any harmful allergens are removed and your rental home can smell as good as possible.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Solutions without Testing First

While there is an enormous selection of carpet cleaning solutions available at local retailers, it's important to note that some could have adverse effects on your carpeting. For example, some cleaning solutions may cause staining, depending on the type of carpeting fibers and the color. Considering the pH level of cleaning solutions and focusing on a small test site first can ensure that the carpet isn't damaged in the rental home.

Getting the carpeting in a rental home in great shape requires some effort, but the reward of having the home smelling fresh is worth it. By speaking with your landlord and being selective when choosing carpet cleaning solutions, you'll be able to enjoy freshly cleaned carpeting that will make the home more inviting. For more information, speak with experts like Ideal Carpet Cleaning.