Answering 3 Down & Dirty Questions About Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is starting to look pretty grungy and stained, there is little your vacuum will be able to do in order to rectify the situation. Carpet replacement can cost you thousands and those shampooers for rent at the grocery store are just not worth all of the time and effort. Thankfully, professional carpet cleaning with steam is one of the easiest services to find and has a good reputation from bringing grungy old carpet back to life. If this is something you are considering, there are likely a few questions you have about the whole situation.

Is it really true that steam cleaning can get rid of most stains?

Vapor steam cleaners that are used for commercial and residential steam cleaners that are used to clean carpeted floors can be like fire-breathing machines without the fire. They offer high temperatures and vapor that will force its way into the fibers of the carpet to loosen aged in dirt and discoloration. This is impossible to accomplish with an average household shampooer that merely sprays on a soapy solution and then sucks away the moisture.

Will the carpet be wet and sticky after the cleaning is accomplished?

Once the carpet cleaning project is complete, your floors will likely be almost completely dry to the touch. Keep in mind that vapor and steam is used to do the work, not actual water. Therefore, it is much easier for the professional to pull the moisture from the carpet after the initial cleaning process.

What about all of the dirt that has already made its way under the carpet to the padding beneath?

It is no secret that underneath your carpet you likely have a nice layer of dirt and dust. Carpet is fibrous, porous, and made with backing that can open up more as time goes by. Therefore, fine dust and dirt particles will make their way through to the padding beneath the actual carpet. While the steam cleaner cannot remove all of this dirt, a good portion of it will come out.

When you know the down and dirty facts about how well carpet cleaning can work with steam, and how fast it can happen, there is no doubt you will be ready to get a pro at your home soon. Make sure if you have further questions about steam cleaning your carpet, you ask resources like Coastal Cleaners Upholstery Cleaning.