Tips For Dealing With Water Damage

With springtime coming to a close many areas received lots of water damage due to flooding.  It is important to know how to properly take care of items that may have been damaged due to water.  This helps prevent mold and keep important items intact.  The following are some tips to help if you find yourself with water damage.

Act quickly

It is important to take immediate action after any type of water damage occurs.  This helps to minimize the damage and increase the likelihood that some of your possessions might be saved.  Even if it is just a little bit of water in your basement, failure to act quickly can lead to mold.  Mold causes poor quality of life in many individuals.  If you don't have the time to clean the water quickly, professionals can be called to help.

Start with electronics

After disconnecting the power, unplug and move any electronics.  It is likely they won't be able to be saved, but removing them can prevent more damage.  It is especially important to turn off the power if the water has risen above electrical outlets.

Move all furniture and carpet

After being pulled up, the carpet will be able to be cleaned and disinfected.  However, it may shrink after this process.  It is likely that the pads cannot be saved, since they absorb moisture.

Get rid of the water

There are several options for getting rid of water.  Buckets, mops and towels will work, especially if there is not a lot of water.  A wet/dry vacuum can also be used but needs to be plugged into an outlet far from the water.  A sump pump can also be rented for major flooding.  You will need power for this to work.  This step is the most important part of preventing mold.


Fans and dehumidifiers work to help dry out the area.  If it is no longer raining, windows can be opened to help with air circulation.


After the area is completely dry, it is time to disinfect the area.  This will help prevent bacteria growth from any backup of sewers or toilets.  All areas that were affected by the water need to be disinfected.

Dispose of items

You will want to just throw away all items that were damaged by the water.  But taking some of the items to recycling centers will help alleviate pressure on local landfills.

If this seems overwhelming, there are companies that can help with the cleanup process after floods or water damage occurs, such as Concord Carpet Care.