Tips For Hiring A Maid

If you have been thinking about hiring a maid, you might want to consider how to make sure that you are getting the best services for your money. To help you with this, you will want to review the following tips.

Ask About How They Bill Their Customers

Some maids will charge a flat rate for a certain amount of work, while others charge per task completed. This will vary between cleaning companies or independent maids. It is important to know this so that you can make sure that you are getting the most amount of help for the money that you are spending. For example, if the maid bills you for a flat hourly rate, no matter what job she is doing, you might want her to focus on the things that you really cannot do on your own. This way, if time is running out or you are running out of money, you at least have the benefit of knowing the most important things got done.

Make Sure To Get Confirmation Of Clearances

You might not want to allow just anyone in your home. Whether the maid works independently as her own contractor or for a major company, she should be able to supply you with a copy of her clearances. This is a good business practice on the part of the hired help. If the maid works for a company, it may be her boss that will supply you with such information. Either way, it is usually something that you have to ask for. Such clearances will provide proof that the maid does not have a criminal past and has passed a drug test.

Find A Maid With Flexible Hours

Even if you would like to set up a scheduled date and time that the maid will come every week, you still want to be prepared for last-minute changes in your schedule or plans. For example, you should be able to call the maid or her employer to reschedule your next cleaning, should something come up. Of course, you may be required to give a few days notice in order to have a guarantee of cleaning service that week. If the maid that you are interviewing advises you that there can never be an alteration in the schedule, you might want to look elsewhere for help.

With those three tips in mind, you should have a much easier time finding the best maid for the job. Look at websites like this for more information.