2 Important Questions To Ask Potential Janitorial Providers For Your Office Building

Hiring a janitorial service for your office building is an effective way to ensure that your employees have a safe and clean environment to perform their duties in. Being able to rely on janitors to keep the trash empty and surfaces free of germs will ensure that your employees don't have to spend valuable time acting as housekeepers when they should be managing accounts, serving clients, and staying on top of their other work duties. Before hiring a janitorial service provider to work with, it's a good idea to create a list of questions you can ask potential providers so you can ensure that they'll meet your specific long term needs – consider adding the following important considerations to your own list of questions and concerns:

What Kind of Cleaning Products Do You Use?

One of the most important things to inquire about is the types of cleaning products that will be used within your office building. It's a good idea to make sure that the service provider you decide to hire won't be using any products that leave behind fumes or odors that may negatively effect your employees. For example, products that contain ammonia can leave behind vapors that cause side effects such as throat irritation, burning of the eyes, and coughing. These symptoms are bound to be uncomfortable for employees, and may inhibit them from performing their duties properly.

How Often Do You Clean Behind the Furniture?

Dust can become a big problem within the workplace by exposing employees to a host of health conditions that negatively affect their lives both at work and at home. Chronic coughing, lots of sneezing, and headaches can all be caused by exposure to dust particles within the workplace. So it's important to ensure that the janitorial provider you hire is willing to move furniture to clean behind desks, cabinets, bookshelves, and other objects that are typically situated in a corner or against a wall.

Look for a service provider that also offers vent cleaning as part of their regular services. Cleaning the vents at least once a week will reduce the amount of dust particles that get circulated throughout the office building when your HVAC system is in use.

When armed with a list of thoughtful questions for potential janitorial providers, you should be able to find a long term cleaning solution for your office building that is reliable, safe, and beneficial for everyone involved.  

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