Tips For Dealing With Water Damage

With springtime coming to a close many areas received lots of water damage due to flooding.  It is important to know how to properly take care of items that may have been damaged due to water.  This helps prevent mold and keep important items intact.  The following are some tips to help if you find yourself with water damage. Act quickly It is important to take immediate action after any type of water damage occurs. [Read More]

Make Your Own All-Natural Carpet Freshener In Three Unique Scents

Did you know that the carpet freshener products you sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming are made primarily from baking soda? The manufacturers add other ingredients to give your carpet that fresh vanilla, wildflower or cinnamon scent, but it's baking soda that's responsible for absorbing the stinky odors in your carpet. If you want to avoid the artificial scents and chemicals often found in these store-bought carpet fresheners, then consider making your own. [Read More]

Answering 3 Down & Dirty Questions About Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is starting to look pretty grungy and stained, there is little your vacuum will be able to do in order to rectify the situation. Carpet replacement can cost you thousands and those shampooers for rent at the grocery store are just not worth all of the time and effort. Thankfully, professional carpet cleaning with steam is one of the easiest services to find and has a good reputation from bringing grungy old carpet back to life. [Read More]

Make An Easy-To-Use Emergency Carpet Cleaning Kit For Your Apartment

Keeping the carpet clean in an apartment home is your responsibility as a tenant, so it's helpful to be prepared to treat stains in the carpeting as soon as they occur. Instead of buying a few cleaning tools and stuffing them away into the closet until needed, it's a good idea to set up a small emergency kit that can be used whenever a mess is made. In order to create an emergency carpet cleaning kit that is effective, consider including the following items. [Read More]